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The digital preservation of the art/tapes/22 collection: strategies and techniques for video conservation

During the presentation, a description will be given of the protocol of intervention drawn up by La Camera Ottica ("the optical chamber") and the Centre for Research and Audiovisual Elaboration (C.R.E.A.) in the first phase of the digital preservation of the video art collection art/tapes/22 conserved in the Historical Archive of the Contemporary Arts (ASAC) of the Venice Bienniale...

It constitutes a first pilot project, initiated in 2004 and concluded in 2006, which saw the digital preservation and creation of access copies for the use - on DVD and online – of 124 video works produced between 1972 and 1975.
Concrete examples will be given that explain the solutions proposed - in bringing obsolete magnetic supports back into operation, in the digital acquisition of the analogical signal, in the conservation of digital preservation intermediaries and in the production of access copies. It will be an occasion to discuss and highlight the strengths of the protocol drawn up by the laboratories but also to emphasize the theoretical, strategic and technical problems which arose during the preservation intervention. The future lines of development will then be illustrated, and the new research areas detailed in relation to the conservation, preservation and restoration of video art.

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