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The degeneration of foam rubber.

Growing interest in themes related to the conservation, protection and deterioration of art works from the last century - produced using a wide variety of plastic materials - has highlighted many problems of a historical, scientific, technological and technical character, which still await proper and complete examination...

immagine per The degeneration of foam rubber.

Giulio Turcato is among the authors who have experimented with materials produced by the polymer industry, and he stands out for his series of works executed on foam rubber panels. Among these is a work of large dimensions (156x398) “Superficie Lunare (Composizione)” (Lunar surface - composition), executed prior to 1966 and owned by the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome, a work which suffered progressive deterioration over 40 years, with deep tears running across the entire surface area, following the discontinuities in the material.
The rapid deterioration of foam rubber along with its unconventional use as an artistic material require a restoration project to be established which should be supported, during the different phases, by diagnostic investigations to determine the chemico-physical properties of the polyurethane, of the pigments and of the binders, and to determine the state of conservation of the various elements.
The results of this investigation are of crucial importance in the selection of materials and techniques to be used in the subsequent phase of restoration and conservation, to ensure that the work may continue to be appreciated and enjoyed, and to postpone the re-appearance of the above-mentioned problems.

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