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Alterations of polyesters and methacrylates

The work, owned by the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary art of Rome, forms part of a series which Arman produced between 1960 and 1963, the Sliced Object or Coupes, objects selected and arranged in a "delayed" spatial sequence...

immagine per Alterations of polyesters and methacrylates

The polyester, which Arman used as a glue from 1961, predominates in his work with the inclusions or accumulations of objects immersed in transparent resin.
In this case, the artist uses a statuette of bronze-coated metal which probably represents a woman on the sea with a shell (Venus) of about 40cm, the separate parts of which are immersed in the resin (polyester) within a plexiglass (methacrylate) container which is in turn attached to a painted wooden support.
The distinctive quality of this work is connected with the way it is viewed through the transparent resin and the plexiglass which, over time, have been subject to alteration, becoming opaque and illegible.
Appreciation of this work depends, therefore, on maintaining the transparency of the polyester surfaces by carrying out conservation interventions.

Arman (Arman Fernandez), Nice 1928- New York 2005
“Le Ręve Passe”, 1963
Metal, resin, methacrylate, wood, cm. 55x75x8

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